Jewelry : The Basics

Monday, June 20, 2016

I travel a lot. So  I spend about half a year on the road. I dislike packing . I hate leaving shoes and clothes behind (Yes, I hurt their feelings ) but with new airline  rules its one suitcase allowance to travel with. 
Today I m gonna show you my basics / go to  jewelry pieces.
Weather you travel a lot and space is limited , you have no space in you house , or you never wore jewelry or you are on a budget .. this is a good place to start.
1) Watch. Get a good watch. This is probably the biggest investment when it comes to jewelry. Its also a good place to base what kind of jewelry you add to your collection.
Michale Kors watches (top rose gold , bottom oversize gold watch )
2) Basic necklaces. Something that you always have on and that will go .. well with anything. Decide if you want gold/white gold or silver. Any length chain with one pendant. You can opt out for your birth stone , letter , cross .. anything simple.

Tiffany and co. necklace and pendant
3) Custom jewelry. Get two or three colorful yet simple necklaces. Try and get one small , medium and a large design piece. I wear a lot of black & neutral colors...soo I take pink, black and blue with me .
top to bottom: Spring , H&M , Aldo
4) Bracelets: Get some simple bracelets you can layer. If you got a gold watch , stick yo similar tone bracelets. You can also try an have colors that will work with you necklaces.
Pandora silver bracelet & charms , vintage gold bracelets , black and pink Pandora links that you can put charms.

5) Earrings. I have two pairs. One gold , one silver. something you can wear with anything works pretty well. If you don't like dangly/long earrings studs are a great option.

6)Rings. You can get fairly inexpensive , pretty good quality rings pretty much anywhere now days. Try different shapes & sizes of rings that way you can mix and match.

What jewelry do you wear?


  1. I love your blog, I'm your newest follower too! Thank you for your helpful comments on my "Travel Help" post. I am so excited to go over to Europe and your comments definitely gave me a lot of information to look into!
    Thank you again and Happy Blogging!

    1. Thank you so much.
      Hope the tips help . You will love Europe :)