Beauty Favorites: where we spend & where we save

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Being a girl is a lot of work, also it can cost a small fortune. I'm always fascinated to hear about other women's beauty routines, and the things they're willing to spend on and where they skimp. Here is where we spend and save when it come to beauty:
The one thing I'll always spend money on is my hair. I have a super rad hair dresser who gives me a slammin deal. But it's still more than a $15 box of dye. But she does a great job. A good hair style and color can do wonders for your self esteem and over all look. I'm also incredibly lazy - so the less I need to do on a daily basis to look decent, the better. 
I skimp on everything nail related. I am a nail biter who rarely gets them professionally done. I don't paint my finger nails. But I do have a box filled with polish and filing boards - for my toes. I have an anti-fetish with feet so it's weird that my toes are always filed and painted. But I use cheap polish because no one looks that closely. And you just can't tell.
I spend money on my nails, I was very good for a few months and didn’t get them done but I caved and got them done. I bite my nails ( I know so gross) but I can’t seem to stop, getting my nails done helps me to not bite them as much so it’s definitely worth the money. I don’t spend a lot of money on my hair I get it cut once a year, I also color my own hair. I don’t know why I don’t spend money on my hair but it’s just not something I have ever done. I did make a deal with myself this year to cut my hair at least twice a year. So that’s progress, that’s not to say that  I don’t like to change my hair or anything I just don’t like to spend a lot of money on it because whenever I have I’ve always been disappointed. I save money on hair product as well I don’t find that the salon products do miracles for my hair so I settle for drug store products which do the job just fine.


I spend money on my hair. I tired box die  a few times, in an attempt to save money, but my hair kept coming out red regardless what color I put in it. I get my hair cut every 5-6 weeks and color it just as often. This is partly because split ends give me anxiety and I get bored with my hair color often.
Where I save is on waxing. I have gotten pretty good at doing my own eyebrows, once a year or so I will go get them shaped and than continue fixing them myself. Waxing my body hair I go to a hole in a wall place, full body costs me 100 dollars and I am out in 20 minutes. Way I see it  if I'm getting a bikini wax, I'm going to be fairly miserable regardless if I'm in some fancy spot, or laying out on a bench with paper thrown on top of it.
I am horrible for borating my fingernails, so I usually paint my own nails and toes myself and get an occasional pedicure and manicure with my sister or mom.
Where do you spend or save your money?