TV/Movies- Top 5 Shows You Cannot Escape Hearing About

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So there are a few shows that everyone and their dog seems to be obsessed with, you cannot go on any kind of social media or social setting without seeing posts or conversations about these shows. Whether it's spoiler's or fan theories, or just articles about the show or cast, they are everywhere. Here are the Top 5 shows I cannot seem to escape.

Game Of Thrones- I mean obviously this is at the top of the list, from people in my office to Facebook this show is everywhere. I only just started watching it last month and already I have to shut my ears and hum in a corner to avoid spoilers and fan theories. I hear a lot of "OMG, you only just started?! What part are you at?" " Has this enter spoiler here happened yet?" So if you want to be able to join in at the water cooler and pretty much anywhere, check out this show if you haven't already.

Pretty Little Liars- There are so many theories on who A is, and then you figure it out and then there is uber A. Okay so I will admit I love this show, aside from the kick ass fashion, I love a good mystery. Somehow I am still always shocked when a new clue is revealed. There is also no way you can escape this show on social media.

Bachlorette/Bachelor- There always seems to be a new season of this show with a new male or female looking for love with a line up of people. Insert drama and cat fights, I can never seem to escape this show. "OMG, did you see what happened between so and so", " I really don't like insert name here, he/she is so shady" Oh and then "who do you think will be the next one?" the season hasn't even ended and speculation on the next one starts.  

Big Brother- Summer isn't complete without Big Brother, I haven't watched it for a couple seasons but  I got pulled back in this season. I mean there are Big Brother pools, where you put in money and pick a winner, to everyone talking about what went down at the Veto Competition. I mean no one wants to be left out of the conversation, so it's a must watch if you want to be a joiner. 

Orange is the New Black-The new season is out and unlike the rest of the shows on here you can binge watch the whole season in one weekend. I mean Netflix and chill is a thing for a reason. A couple of weeks after its release this show was everywhere. Interviews with the cast, spoilers, you know something heavy happened but what? I will not spoil it, but I have to say this new season is a must watch and I totally get why its everywhere and everyone is talking about it. It was an amazing season. 

What shows can't you escape? Any tips on avoiding spoilers?