Beauty Trends: Chin Up Mask

Monday, October 17, 2016

 Beauty world fascinates me.  Chi Up Mask was one of those beauty products, with claims that my chin can look slimmer within 30 minutes seemed too good to be true, so I was happy I got to try it myself The possibility of non-surgical face lift in 30 minutes sounds great, so we put Chin Up Mask to the test.
The Kit has comes with: two chin masks, a slimming band and a tape measure to record your results.  The kit is designed to be used with the slimming band. The main job of the band is to keep the mask tightly on your chin.
 The process involves applying a slimming mask to the neck and chin which is held in place by a stretchy slimming band for thirty minutes at a time. Within the first few minutes I felt the heat of the serum taking effect on my skin and it’s a tingly, warm feeling and the mask smells great.

After removing the mask, I don’t think I looked different, but with measuring and comparing the pictures of before and after photos you can really see the difference.
Have you tried? What do you think?