5 Favourite Ski Resorts in North America

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

There are so many great things that come with winter: the way the trees look covered in frost, holiday shopping, parties, and hitting the slopes! Although we can be less inclined to leave the warmth of our living rooms when the temperatures drop below zero, the astounding views of the mountains while strapped into some boots flying down a hill is truly one of the best things ever. You can shop for new outfits, find a pretty board, and make sure you have flask for the lift.. Here's a quick list of some of the coolest resorts to hit up this winter!
Panorama Mountain Village: This was the first mountain I even skied. I was 19 and hadn't been on skis since 3rd grade (I kept falling off the t-bar and cried for an hour before a teacher helped me get back to the chalet: I was traumatized.). My friends figured I would have no trouble figuring out how to ski at the top of the mountain - they were horribly wrong. Took me two hours and many bruises to get down; I may have cried that time too. I spent the rest of the weekend treating my wounds with beer at the chalet, watching real skiers and boarders while a live band played, and then watched the Slush Cup. Have we mentioned Canadians are crazy? Girls in bikinis and boys in boxers launching off a ramp into an icy pool of water. Brilliant. Then we spent the night dancing away at one of the clubs. It wasn't the last time I was there and it was more fun once I learned how to ski!
Marmot Basin: Jasper is pretty near and dear to our hearts! We try to get there at least twice a year because of the quick drive and beautiful views. The town is adorable and there is a ton to do. Including skiing and boarding at Marmot. The first time I went to ski there was after a long night of hitting the dance floor and when we pulled into the parking lot my friend informed me that she would drop me off and pick me up later: she never had any intention of skiing with me. We left and I came back another time and loved it!
Whitefish Mountain Resort: Last little anecdote. After a long bus ride and getting to the resort in the middle of the night - we got up early to check out this amazing American mountain. Jumped on the first lift we saw (did you know some hills have maps for all their lifts?) and took in the view. 2 minutes later it started to snow (how quaint), 2 minutes later the snow flakes were so big they made slapping noises on my face, 5 minutes later the snow was so bad we couldn't see the lift in front of us. Apparently we took the one that goes to the top of the mountain - with the REALLY hard runs. It was snowing so hard we couldn't see the orange pylons that keep us from falling off the edge of the mountain and out skis kept sinking into the snow. It was terrifying and thrilling.
Whistler: Now this resort is at the top of my list because everyone I know has been and loves it. It's so COOL that they even made a TV show about it! They also hosted to 2010 Winter Olympics. Prestige!

Aspen Mountain: Who hasn't wanted to hit the slopes in Colorado? Heavy snow, hard runs, hot tubs, and hot chocolate spiked with something extra! All of it is available on Aspen Mountain! Plus it's in a state I've never visited before!

What is your favourite hill?