Carry-on Essentials

Thursday, November 10, 2016

As I mentioned on Friday, Amy and I are going to Cuba. I am a horrible packer, mainly because I want to take everything with me. I somehow end up with two carry-ons, two suit cases for pretty much all trips to Europe, however, since this time we are traveling for a significantly shorter I decided  I would pack on the light side… including the carry on. I chose this amazing Lululemon yoga bag for my carry on because it’s pretty large, with lots of pockets and zippers (added safety is key. You can never be too safe traveling).
 Here’s what’s inside:  
·    Travel documents + cash &credit cards. I take only the basics with me, in a smaller wallet, that way in worst case scenario, you only have to replace the one card and your ID.
·    Make up. I always pack my make up case in the carry on. All your make up is  under 100ml that is required and this way you are not risking your 30 blush breaking in your suitcase.
·    Phone, headphones, camera + laptop. Entertainment is very important while traveling. Having music and TV, available is key. (side note: if I am traveling anywhere else or for shorter time, I bring my iPad over laptop for added safety) Oh don’t forget your chargers!
·    Hand sanitizer, gum and Advil. You are enclosed in the same closed space with 100 other people, those come in handy.
·    Comfortable socks.  

Nothing too exciting and special.  I do love knowing what's going on insides of people's bags.  What are your travel essentials?

get to know me fact: I have traveled to each Continent excluding Africa at least once. I plan to do a trip around the world. one day!