Something About Being Older....

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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Well it is official… I am OLD! Today is the day after my 30th birthday. I will however, claim to be 27 for next 10 or so years to come. Today, while nursing a kick ass hangover on a beach in Varadero, I came to the realization that my life has changed. Now that I am officially not in my 20s, realization that everyone around me is a wife/mom, or something pretty darn close to it, or doing all these amazing things has hit me.

Here is a rather depressing list of things that must change….

1.         Career. At this very old age one must be VERY serious about your career. Sadly “fresh out of college” and “I am figuring my life out” is no longer a valid excuse. 
2.         Shopping. I will sadly have to part with my beloved Urban Outfitters, H&M, especially Forever 21. First, no longer 21, second time to grow up and hit Banana Republic and call it a day.
3.         Eating. No more mid-night after bar food runs and fries with everything… for one, my body cant handle it, and all of goes straight to my chin and thighs.
4.         Friendemies+ exes. A) no-one has got time for that. B) there are reason he is your ex, and who needs those “friends” anyways. You were there for their benefit not yours.
5.         Keeping active. Yes we all hate working out and its so much easier to be lazy BUT its no longer about being skinny/fit, now we have to work to stay healthy.
6.         Traveling. I am a strong believer that traveling is a great idea at any age, but at this age I can start taking vacations “just because”.
7.         Children & men. Yes, it might be time you stop staring at babies like they are the devil... they are kind of cute (maybe). It is also tine to stop dating boys and move to looking for a someone who is a man.
8.         Hobbies. I need one. In order to be “well rounded” and lets be honest I do need something to talk about at dinner parties.
9.         Mom. This is more advice for everyone: stop fighting with your Mother. Haven’t you learned by now? She really is always right. .
10.       Network. As a business women, this is important but I believe everyone should be good at networking.

What do you think we should learn and change in your thirties?

get to know me fact: I don't like to celebrate my birthdays, being center of attention makes me uncomfortable.