Music of the Month: Kings of Leon

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We have been waiting THREE long years for these handsome boys to release their 7th album. And they FINALLY have! Which, because I'm such a super fan of this band, many people let me know about the pending release. I don't think they've ever had this much hype about a new album. Mind you, I'm not sure Twitter was a thing when their first one came out. We welcome the next album from the makers of Use Somebody:

Walls is the newest album which is pretty mellow and chill compared to some of their early record but tasty as always.

Around the World is probably my favourite song. It might be because it's super catchy or because I watched all of the "Making of"  youtube videos and Caleb does a little dance to this song which makes me love him even more.

They have already announced their North American and UK tour dates - which is we have our way, will be seeing my FIRST show in the United States (except that tickets sold out in LA immediately even though we already booked our flights). Adventure ensues.

Check out this rad band. Like every song. There are SO many perfect ones.