How to Avoid Overspending During the Holidays

Friday, November 25, 2016

'Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry, and work your way into debt.  Holiday time of year can be stressful for a lot of people, particularly when it comes to money
A little planning, and few of these tips, and you can make it through the festive season without overspending and start 2017 on the right foot, financially.
Here are few ideas to help you save money this holiday season:
Set a Budget and make a list:
Before the holiday shopping season even begins, decide how much money you want to spend. Make a list of people you have to buy for and divide the set budget amongst those people.
Track spending and stick to you budget.
Having a set your budget is awesome it is more important to pursue due diligence in staying inside on track and on budget.
Do your research.
Check the deals online, sign up for deal of the day, get flyers. You want to know you got the best price.
Start early and limit self-gifting.
If you start to feel impulsive and tempted to spend more than you can afford, remind yourself that you have a budget and you are on a mission to get those things and spend only what is in your budget.
How do you save money during the holiday season?