Perfectly-Sized Stocking Stuffers

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Holiday season is fast approaching; Christmas is less than 35 days away people!
 Since its never too early, today is the perfect time to start the inevitable Christmas shopping! To kick things off we gathered some cute and meaningful little ideas for those special people in your life that are not overly expensive but are small gestures that will mean a lot!
S'well bottles - each new year most of us wow to be healthier, so this is a perfect gift for everyone to help make sure they get the daily intake of water! Starting at $35, available at Chapter/Indigo.
Function of Beauty is a customized and personalized shampoo and conditioner line with over 12 billion possible formulas. Yes TWELVE billion possibilities. Easy to customize and personalize for anyone. Starting at $32, available at
Jamberry - a perfect gift for women in your life. Known for their easy-to-apply nail wraps, and are easy to personalize gift . Starting at $50, available at 
Socks - Colorful and comfortable socks make for a simple, yet cozy gift for all your loved ones. Starting at $5, available at
Magazines and books subscriptions - perfect gift for anyone who like reading or just staying in the know. Magazines staring at $22, available at Books starting at $19.99, available at