Art of Gift Giving

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Despite my best efforts, I almost always end up waiting until Christmas Eve to complete all of my holiday shopping. At this point there is me and thousands of crazed shoppers in WEM trying to find that perfect gift for all the people on your list. 
I usually don’t procrastinate but Christmas shopping seems to be an exception. You’d think I would learn from my previous years and listen to my wow to never leave Christmas shopping this late. 
This year I did way better, it is now nearing end of November and I have ALL my shopping done. Can you believe that? This year I had to remind myself that it's not about finding the most expensive gifts, but rather the ones with the most meaning. 
My parents are hard to buy for, and my siblings have a lot of everything so I found some unique things that they might love. 

Here is few things you can do if you are on a budget or want a more meaningful gift then a purse or a sweater this Christmas:
1) Antique candle holders, or coasters. Check your flea and farmer markets, fairly inexpensive yet amazing.
2) Baking. Bake cookies and wrap them nicely and give to your loved ones.
3) Photo collages, calendars or albums. With technology now days you can print magnets of your instagram photos, print posters from your photo bucket account or make photo books with easy.
4)Cook books. Make a cook book of your favourite recopies and share them with your loved ones.
5) Gift baskets. Fill them with home made jam, nuts and chocolates.

I agree, its great to get extravagant and expense gifts but those are generally just things who's magic fades after a while. I would rather receive a home made and well though out gift then something sore bought. What are some of the favourite Christmas gifts you have received?

get to know me fact: my favourite gift I ever received was a heartfelt card, lip gloss and mascara from my sister and mom left on my pillow night of my 18th birthday. Times were hard back then but it melted by heart, it made my cry.