Next Year Will Be Different... Maybe

Friday, December 9, 2016

2017 is fast approaching, I keep thinking that I should get a head start and commit to, one way or another,  to eating healthier or working out more... I do this every year and I usually fail by spring. In November I kind of started eating healthier (mainly because I had to spend a week in Cuba in a swim suit) and actually showing up at the gym, so I was hoping o continue with that into the New Year.
 2016 hasn't exactly been filled with raw veggies and fruit or attending the gym regularly. Most weeks turn into a "cheat week" filled with chicken fingers and fries, steak and mashed potatoes, cheese platters, wine and what seems like endless bowls of ice cream and chocolate.

Since there always has to be should be a balance, I went on a search for an alternate and fun ways to stay healthier and get in better shape. Here are few things that I found:
This 7 minute workout app. Great for morning workouts with stuff you most likely have at home anyways...and everyone has 7 minutes.
Green tea helps... if you drink (way too much) coffee like I do, replacing one cup a day wityh green tea can make a difference.
Running/Walking/Exercising is much better outside... I don’t know if it’s the fresh air or what but running (at least for me) seems to come easier if I am outside vs. running on a track or treadmill.
Having a workout partner makes all the difference. It is easier to show up and work out, and they will hold you accountable, but it’s also motivating to have someone help you push through your workout.

Eating heathy is easier if the food is actually delicious and you have more options...  some options here, here, and here.

Hot yoga fixes everything... not only do you get all the yoga benefits, hot yoga does that plus so much more.

What do you do to stay heathy? What are your tips and tricks?


  1. This is such a great blog! I struggle with workout and diet as well, because I love to eat and drink and sometimes just too lazy to wake up an hour earlier to work out, being a new mom and all..and soon I'll have to get back to working as well..sigh :) But that's no I like to go outside too when I can- I wouldn't call it running , more like walking & jogging- wajogging as I like to call it and if I can, I just put on music and dance like a maniac in front of my daughter- it makes her laugh and I get to sweat it out too! lol

    1. This comment makes me smile <3! Dancing is totally the best way to burn some calories.

      Walking is just as beneficial as running - baby steps right?

      Thank you for reading
      xo Nermisa