Thoughtful Gifts for Under $50.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 was a hard year for many, financially especially, however, we all still want to make the holiday seasons the best we can. Getting a great gift for your loved ones doesn't have to cost a lot. Shop local, support independent designers and creators, support your friends businesses, buy things that are good for the soul, good for the planet, or make a gift.
 Today we put together a list of thoughtful Gifts for Under $50.
Terra and co. Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Made with activated charcoal, with no fluoride, SL or peroxides and from a small family owned business. $29.99 available Terra and co.
Explore Alberta Tee.
Locally designed, stylish and perfect for the adventurer on your list. $40.00 available at Bamboo Ballroom
Chevron Hex Earrings.
These minimal geometric statement earrings feature several links of slinky raw brass chevron chain, embellished with an open hexagon charm. $25.00 available at Bamboo Ballroom.
Hot Sauce Kit.
DIY kit that with chipotle and guajillo peppers. $49.00 available here.
Just Greet cards.

Most adorable cards made out of 100% recycled paper and created by independent artists. Starting at $5.99 available on
You cannot go wrong with jewelry. J. Designs creates high quality jewelry, and their bracelets are my favorite. Starting at $22.00 available here.

Handmade jewelry is another great gift idea. I love the bright and carefully crafted necklaces from Sophia Jewel Design. Starting at $20.00 available here.

Yoga Passes.

Yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance; but it also give you an hour a day where your mind can just relax. At Letters to LALA land we practice Moksha and Bikram. Classes starting at $17.

Positivity Pack.

Positivity Pack is the perfect kit to spread happy vibes. Starting at $25 available here.

Few things that you can make yourself:
Bake a batch of your favorite cookies (or sweet treats) and gift them to your loved ones.
Make a memory box or a book.

Make your secret recipe jam.

DIY cactus vase.

Coupon book/box: list of chores/dates your loved ones can cash in. (eg. Certificate for one night of babysitting).

Create a cook book. (fun fact: my mom wrote down recipes of all my favorite foods and had them made into a book. To date this is one of my most treasured possessions.)

Make a donation. Even tho I could write a post on charities to support, anyone from Food Bank to Women's shelters is a great cause, Kiva is great way to give back and invest in other people. $25 - get started at

Great gifts at a good prices..How awesome is that?