5 Cities to Visit for Fashion Lovers

Friday, February 17, 2017

Here at Letters to LA LA Land we try and travel often, and every place is on the list of places to visit. Today we  are talking about five places all fahionistas should visit. The cities globally considered the "Big Four" fashion capitals are Paris, Milan, London and New York Milan. Those four have had an everlasting impact on fashion; entire fashion world looks to those cities for upcoming trends and these are the fashion weeks to be at. With NYFW ending and LFW kicking off those four should be on your list, but today we rounded up five fashion places to visit that might not be on your radar:   
Possibly one of the quirkiest fashion scenes in the world but unique if great in world of fashion.
Sao Paulo
São Paulo is the proud forerunner of the South American continent, leading the way in Latin American fashion with colorful, bright and edgy fashion. Sao Paulo a place of great beauty as well as historical and cultural significance.
Los Angels
Yes, its know for its film-making, fashion in Los Angeles is glamorous, edgy, hip, laid-back, and eccentric all at the same time; and how great is that? Some of my favorite brands and companies made their mark in LA (oh hey, Nasty Gal!). This year Tommy x Gigi did they show in LA vs. New York.
"Made in Canada” has grown into a strong signifier of quality in recent years, and TO is home to many brands that have thrived on this association.
Reasons to visit Dubai are endless, but in last couple of year Dubai started to thrive as a fashion destination.  Its not only one of the top retail destinations in the world with the Dubai Mall but  many young designers and global brands setting up shop here.