5 Places Where The Locals Eat in Sarajevo

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our Edmonton where to eat guide was a huge hit so today we are extending it to other cities, starting with my home: Sarajevo. I handpicked my most trusted go to places—which have never failed me with their heavenly delicious food.
Buregdzinica Bosna.
Bravadžiluk 11, Sarajevo, BiH
Hands down THE BEST burek in town, maybe even best ever. This little two floor Buregdzinica is located on Bascarsija. The services is fast and efficient, food is delicious and is priced so well. You cant go to Sarajevo and not eat here.
4 Sobe Gospodje Safije.
Čekaluša 61, Sarajevo, BiH
Beautifully decorated interior, complimented with delicious and imaginative food, and amazing service. 4 Sobe Gospodje Safije (4 Rooms Mrs. Sofie) is made up off an elegant restaurant, charming garden, sophisticated wine bar and a cozy lounge
Pivnica HS
Franjevacka 15, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Pivnica HS or Sarajevo Brewery not only produces the most popular beer in Sarajevo but is home to a restaurant offering  hearty and traditional Bosnian dishes and all the beer your heart might desire.
Cevabdzinica Zeljo.
Kundurdžiluk 19, Sarajevo, BiH
If you are in Sarajevo and looking for a place to have chevape, this is where most people will direct you to. Delicious fast food, fast service and very reasonably priced. It is located near Bascarsija, and usually fairly busy
Cakum Pakum
Kaptol 10, Sarajevo, BiH
Possibly the best pancake place (ever). Cakum Pakum is a small restaurant that serves many different versions of pancakes. The interior is warm and cozy that will make you fall in love it from the second you walk in.
What are you favorite places in Sarajevo?