Fitness: Join a Class

Friday, February 3, 2017

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As a creature of habit, if I don't do something on the regular it probably won't get done. Some of the things I do on the regular: breathe, eat, bathe, read, watch tv, listen to music, drive, dance, sing in the shower, sleep. Things I don't do on the regular and am totally cool with: eat brussel sprouts, run stairs outside in freezing temperatures, getting up before 7 am, talk about feelings. Things I don't do often that I REALLY wish I did: workout, play violin, write. My point: schedule that sh!t to make it happen!

I recently joined a fitness class, for a couple of reasons. Make yourself accountable - same time, same place, same people. I totally get wanting to hide at home and away from people when you are sweating through your clothes . . . but most of the people in any class you go to are in the same situation. Yeah, there's always that one perfect person with their wicked body and pretty gym clothes who barely lose their breath. But the majority are tripping over their step box thingy, going the opposite direction of the instructor, and grunting to pick up their weights. It's a little community of torture that's actually kind of fun.

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Normally when I "hit the gym" on my own, I jump on the elliptical or treadmill for 20-45 minutes. Then I lay on the mats and attempt like 4 sit ups and 7.3 squats, stretch 4 muscles and leave. In a 45 minute tabata class, I get every muscle in my body busted and drip sweat into my eyeballs. I wake up the next day KNOWING that I worked out because my body has that good ache.

There are so many different options of classes that get your blood pumping and calories burning. Tabata, hot yoga, cross fit, kickboxing, running room, force, chisel'd, spin, trampoline, water yoga...the list could literally go on and on. Keep trying them till you find your jam. There's definitely one out there that'll suit you! I promise.

I've noticed a bigger difference in my body sooner from attending this class once a week than I did going solo twice a week. Give it a go for a few weeks and see how it turns out! Let us know if it makes a difference for you too!