Clearly(.ca) Ready for Summer

Friday, April 28, 2017

 Have you guys heard of We Are Handsome? They are a LA-based swimwear label and they have partnered with Clearly, to create a limited edition eyewear collection in time for festival season. 

We Are Handsome created three new prints which are paired with top-selling shapes from Clearly’s exclusive brand, Derek Cardigan.  Derek Cardigan Eyewear has created stunning eyewear that is modern yet classic. The brand can be recognized by its signature math symbol detailing. All three exclusive frames are perfect and available in prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.

hese frames from #derekcardigan x #wearehandsome collaboration available at @clearlyca  are perfect for many occasions. Here is four very good opportunities for you to wear your new frames:
1) Watching the NHL playoffs - this limited time collection will perfectly compliment your team's jersey.

2) At or on the way to brunch - you know, for those times after a night out when you had a little too much wine at the hospitality suite at your work conference.  Opt for the stylish sunny frames and you will be good to go.

3) At no-coachella or any actual music festival that you get to attend this year- the vibrant, modern, and edgy collection is a perfect fit and a great way to stand out while making the most of your festival experience.

4) Any time it is sunny outside (aka reflections from the April snow we have been getting in good ol' Alberta)- pick any frame from the stylish collection (I chose the cat eye shape), and keep looking fabulous straight through to summer.

The Derek Cardigan x We Are Handsome collection offers three designs that are available as eyeglasses or sunglasses for only $120. You can preview the look book here.


Which frame from the collection is your favorite?

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