My Best Career Advice

Thursday, April 27, 2017

It seems kind of funny to be giving out career advice, I mean I'm only 21. Rephrase: I only FEEL 21. But somehow I've been working for over 20 years! Whoooo that's a little crazy when you put it on paper. Eek. Anyways, I've had a job or two. I've done a ton of it - been hired, fired, quit, had my shifts just disappear off the schedule, progressed, and been promoted.
Here's the best blurbs of wisdom I've accrued over the years.

Show Up! 
Everyone notices when you stroll in late or call in sick. They notice when you don't show up and post your adventures online. Your peers notice, your bosses notice, and the people you lead notice. It has a negative effect all the way around if you aren't there when you are supposed to be there.

Dress Up!
Naturally, from a fashion blog, we would advise to look your absolute best. I was at a work conference this last week and a few people stood out. A couple people that looked super put together. Also a few people that looked like they rolled out of bed and couldn't be bothered with clean clothes. If you look like you don't put effort into your appearance, you probably don't put effort into your work. Although this might not be true, it's the impression you have to overcome. It's better to have 3 great outfits, than 10 so-so outfits.

Shut Up!
We all know that one person at work who just won't zip it. They've always got the answer to every question - even if it's wrong. They ramble on with unsolicited advice. They argue over simple things. And they MUST have the last word. Don't be that person. There's something to be said for listening and learning. Regardless of where you are in your career.

Turn Up!
Just kidding. Getting drunk at work is a bad call. Getting drunk with a bunch of co-workers is risky. There are people laughing and smiling with you but judging you too. People talk, especially at work. And that one time you got a little too drunk at the holiday party might be recalled when you are up for that next job. Nothing wrong with a few drinks, just keep it under control until you are on personal time.

What is your best career advice?