48 Hour Travel Guide to Halifax

Friday, May 26, 2017

Let me start this with the fact that forty eight hours is NOT enough to explore the beauty that is Halifax, Nova Scotia. However, if you do have a chance to visit Halifax, here is where you should go and places to go to and eat at.
Places to eat:
I don't remember last time I ate out this much, but with so many options, I had to... for blog research purposes. That counts right?
If you are looking for mouthwatering delicious food, offered at an elegant setting I highly recommend Bicycle Thief and Press Gallery.
If you are looking for good coffee and delicious breakfast or lunch, I would check out : The Wired Monkey, Choco CafĂ©, TAO Bakery (AKA The Old Apothecary) and Cabin Coffee.
The list of pubs that you should visit is vast but I would definitely add following places to check out and grab a drink and some grub: Lower Deck, Dirty Nelly's, Stubborn Goat, and The Old Triangle.

Things to do:
Tour of Alexander Keith's Brewery
Take the ferry to Dartmouth
Take a tour of Canadian Museum at Pier 21
Take a tour of Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Take a walk down the harbour lane

I have traveled to many cities across Canada but Halifax will always hold a special place in my heart. The architecture, the people, proximity to the ocean, ferries and never ending list of places to grab a drink and food make a perfect combination and reason why you should add Halifax to your travel itinerary.