5 Things School Never Taught Me

Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Ahhhh school. The land of books and assignments and KIDS and attitudes and cafeteria food. Not all bad but you couldn't pay me to go back. School life and adult life are very different worlds. Our parents and other family members, teachers and coaches, all try to prepare us for "real" life. Not all of us were prepared to listen and learn - after all, we know EVERYTHING between the ages of 14-18. But there are a few things that school didn't teach me, but probably should have.

Naturally my list is full of financial things - turns out the world revolves around money. Who knew. Your local credit union or bank can give you the guidance you need in person if the web doesn't do it for you.

How it works. How to handle it. How to get it to work for you. And how NOT to screw it up.

How it works. How to handle it, And how NOT to screw it up.

How much should you put away? Why should you put money away? What are your savings options?

Set a budget:
For groceries and savings and clothes. It's easy to spend money. We can blow money in 5 minutes. But once you build that habit to spend money with goals in mind, you realize you can have all of the things you need and most of what you want.  Check out our tips here!

Don't play where you work:
It's normal to date the people in your school. But it can get a little tricky when you play where you work. Chances are the company you work for is smaller than your school was, and adults gossip just as much as kids. Playing where you work can affect your career in the long.

What did you wish you had learned in school?