How to Network When You Are an Introvert.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I m an introvert and it took years to try and break out of that shell and be more social. My work and this blog have forced me to be more social and have to network. I think there is a big common misperception that all introverts are shy; some are completely fine public speaking and being surrounded by people but they have to get away and go somewhere to alone as all the people becomes overwhelming.

One of the biggest things I have learned that being able to socialize and network as an introvert was to build my confidence up; from there it go easier to step out of my shell and network.
Here are few ways that can help you get better to socializing that worked for me.

Social media – if you are an introvert social media can be a huge asset to you. By posting online (twitter/facebook or blogging) you have enough time to formulate you thoughts and ideas and reach more people and make more connections without actually having to leave your comfort zone.

Play to your strengths – as an introvert you may not want to be at every event or hanging out with your colleague or potential clients all the time but use the time you are not in front of those people to prepare so you can wow them when you are out socializing. Read and research materials that can help you and use those as your lead to start conversations and make connections with people.

“me” time – Being with people and having to be on all the time can be exhausting for an introvert. Give yourself “me” time where you can collect your thought and reboot for next work event or a meeting.

Believe in yourself – it more than just believing in yourself, its to be proud of your successes. Most introverts often stay in the shadows and seldom celebrate their achievements publicly as it would involve being centre of attention but taking pride in your achievements and celebrating those awesome things you did can boost your confidence; so those few moments of everyone staring at you and congratulating you are uncomfortable but can help you make huge way in becoming better at networking.

Be diligent and proactive – So you got out there and networked now what? If you made a connection e-mail them, add them to linked in, sent them a thank you note- do something that shows the person you made a connection with that you seen value in meeting them. This is when remembering names and faces is very important, and as many times I tell myself ‘Oh I don’t need to write that down’ I will forget, so take notes and grab business cards, so that way all the hard work you put into networking doesn’t go to waste.

What are your tips and tricks for networking and being better at socializing?