Music of the Month: Dem 1-D Boys

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Let's be real, when a One Direction song comes on the radio - you probably sing along. At least I do, even though I'm not really a fan. There's Zero 1-D in my music library. But I've gotta say, the solo songs being put out by these puppies are pretty great. At least until Top 40 radio stations across the nation over play them and make this a short term love affair.


Not gonna lie, looking up what Niall Horan looks like may have actually made the song sound a little less good. Not offend the 1-D fans, I'm just not into cute little boys. So ignore it if you have to and give the song a listen. So smooth and sexy. Love.


Harry F*cken Styles. This song must have been on repeat for 3 hours yesterday. Another slower jam but this kid's voice is beautiful. Simply beautiful.


Let's not forget Zayn. The boy who grew into a delicious man, dating one of the most smoking hot VS model put out this jam. And him pairing with Taylor Swift was another reason for me not to like this song but I just couldn't help it.

Those are a couple of my guilty pleasures. Laugh and ridicule OR jump on my bandwagon. Either way, give the songs a go.