Remember This Moment

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I am not opposed to change, I actually encourage it but my bored line OCD personality doesn't allow for much out of control change that takes a mind of its own and run away on you. May 1st marked a start of something new for me; a change forced on me, and I didn't love it.
This experience made me realize how many simple things I take for granted... like when I am sick, I realize how nice it feels to be healthy. I am used to my mind running around uncontrollably, and often I don’t realize that my focus isn’t where it should be. So, underneath all my routines, lists and staying in my very comfort zone, there is hidden magic of countless beautiful moments and blessings in a little change once in a while.
Each of those moments helped me reach where I  am today. Yes, it was not always smooth sailing but everything happens for a reason. The reason might suck, but it happened anyways.
So take time, every day, every week, every month and remember this moment in time. Appreciate the little thing, learn from the bad one and be grateful.