4 Things I Can’t Stop Wearing

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Do you have certain clothes you just love? You know, the clothes you'd worn fifteen million times. These things are what make my beauty uniform pieces!  Here are five pieces I can not be without:

When the first came out, I was like "yeah not for me"; than my sister bought me a pair and I was IN LOVE. They’re so comfortable, I’ve walked miles and miles around the world in them, and they are simple enough to go with almost everything. I end up wearing them pretty much every day. 

Leather Jacket:
Amy and I first heard about a Bano eeMee at Western Canada Fashion Week, and went on a hunt to track where we can find jackets.  We both ended up picking up a jacket, and I have been wearing mine on repeat.

You know how when you find something you love, and than buy it in every colour? Well I do that with converse. They are the most dependable shoes I own. 

Levis Jeans:
I have been wearing Levis jeans for as long as I can remember. The style might change but I don't change from Levis. They are comfortable, and keep their shape.

What pieces of clothing can't you do without?