Five Important Things My Father Taught Me

Friday, June 16, 2017

If you have an amazing dad like mine, you realize how incredibly fortunate you are. He is always there for me, doesn't matter if it was to drive me to a party or ready with his tool box to help me move, make a walk in closet or help with a blog project. Along with mom, my Dad has taught me many things over the years. In honor of Fathers day,  these are the things dad taught me that will make me forever be grateful:
Work hard for what you want.
Nothing is ever just handed to you. You have to work, and work hard for everything you want in life. If you want to travel, save for it. If you want a job promotion, put your time in earn you keep.
Set reasonable expectations, so you aren't disappointed.
Its so easy to get wrapped up in things and lose sight of expectations. Things wont work out, people will disappoint you, learn from those things and move on.
Give more than you get.
Donate your time, money, or your skills to help where and when you can. Be there for other, without expecting for people to do the same.
Pay everyone back. and on time.
Friends, credit unions, your credit card pay them back in a timely manner.
Importance of rock and roll.
Well music over all, which I learned huge appreciating for at a very early age as he took me to concerts. However, till this day I play old rock and roll tracks my dad grew up with. They gave me power when I feel like things aren't going my way.
Happy Father Day Dad!
Thank you for being amazing. Love you!