3 Easy Tricks to Look Better in Photos

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I started blogging two and a half years ago, knowing very little about using my DSLR Camera, let alone my angles. About year and a half back Amy started taking most of my photos for the #OOTD segment. She got very good at pointing things out, and taking photos of me; I on the other side still struggled how to stand in front of camera without looking too awkward or out of place. In attempt to improve the quality of future photos, I took a close looks at photos from the past and tried to figure out what has worked and what didn't.
You can read a ton of "What was your best angle? Styling etc" but I couldn’t find anything that would constantly help me take better photos.  
So I decided to experiment, and here are three things that helped me notice a difference.

When you face the camera head on, your body tends to look wider. Stand tall, belly in and shoulders back. Twist your torso, turning one shoulder toward the camera and the other away from it. Keep one foot in front of the other (we call this the Instagram stance).  If you are standing straight in front of the camera raise your chin just a bit and lean forward ever so slightly and get the photographer to try and take a photo from above vs. same level you are on.

We noticed a huge different in photos we shot in natural light versus photos shot with a flash or indoor lighting. However too much light, made all the photos too dark and editing a night mare. If you are shooting outside, you want to face the sun. Shoot in from of light color background as it brightens up for your photos and requires less editing.

Hair and Make up.
Your make up might be on point IRL but sometimes that doesn’t translate to photos. Darker eyes and lip color translate better in photos. Too much make up (cover up) and too much highlighter shows up funny in photos. Your skin either show us too shinny or blotchy as the light hits it.
If your hair has a mind of its own, like mine does, make sure its set and there are not fly-away as its super hard to edit them out. If your hair is up, turn slight to left or tilt your head slightly.

What do you do to look better in photos? I would love to hear from you.