How Do You Stay Healthy?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer is in full swing, and I for one fell of my be healthier, show up at the gym New Year resolution wagon long time ago.  We all know that being healthy is extremely important. We all follow some kind of basics like drink water, hit the gym, eat you veggies but sometimes that’s hard. It's all about building healthy behaviors that can go a long way toward improving your health and lowering your risk of getting sick. Today we rounded 3 pieces of advice that might help you be healthier


Amy: Be more active!! Aim to do physical activity that gets your heart rate going at least 2 times a week for an hour. This breeds a healthier attitude and reflect in what I eat. I make healthier food choices when I’m being more active during the week.

Zahra: Cut out sugar as much as possible, if you take sugar in coffees and teas slowly reduce the amount you put in. Reduce the other drinks you have stick to coffee, tea and water no fruit juices or other sugary drinks. It's hard to do especially in the summer and I've def. had my share of slip ups but it's a start.

Nermisa: Be sun wise. I love summer and sunshine and spending all my time in the sun. While the warm sun is certainly inviting, it can cause ton of damage. SPF is your best friend. Apply sunscreen with SPF15 or higher every time you leave the house. This is just as important in winter, not just summer.

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So how do you stay healthy?