3 Essential Handbags Every Woman Needs

Friday, July 21, 2017

Regardless if you are minimalist or have a walk in closet full of bags and clothes, there are certain handbag staples everyone should have in your closet.
Most people will tell you need a statement bag, a designer bag, or a specialized work bag, which you might want and need. However, if you are looking  for essentials and to make sure you are covered for all kinds of situations you need these three bags.

Over the shoulder bag.
Everyone needs a sturdy but cure over the shoulder bag. This is your go to bag that is perfect for everyday life. For when hands will be free but still need all your essentials. I swear by a simple Kate Spade black bag. I have had it for couple of years and it my go to bag. Its medium size, with a sturdy strap that is long enough to wear cross body.  

top: Kate Spade || bottom: Chloe
A Structured Tote.
Everyone needs a good sized bag. A bag that is big enough for your daily essentials but also fits your iPad/laptop or note book. This way it can easily be taken from your 9-5 to weekend away. I use this tote when I travel for work and on days I need to take what seems like everything but the kitchen sink to work. I recommend a structure tote, so you can be more organized.
tote: Celine
Multi functional clutch.
No closet is complete with a perfect little clutch. While you could have TON of clutches in all colors, shapes and sizes, I recommend a clutch that is multi-functional and versatile. Amy, Zahra and I all own a wristlet type of clutch that we take everywhere. They are compact, stylish but big enough for us to throw our cellphones, lip-gloss, cash and ID for a night out or events.
What do you guys think?


  1. A tech bag can really help you organize all your tech stuff

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