5 Things I Can't Stop Wearing

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We were recently chatting about a previous post that I wrote - it was the My Go-To Winter Style Post - and laughing because it was a very typical "Amy" outfit. I'm pretty basic and predictable when it comes to my clothing choices - which isn't a bad thing.  Nermisa has helped me branch out and try new styles, but for the most part my closet is still basic. Here's 5 things that I will ALWAYS love and you will ALWAYS find in my closet. But thanks to the influence of my friends, there's a least one thing that isn't t-shirt and jeans.
This summer kicked off with a bang and the weather has been HOT. Which I'll  never complain about. Enter the MAXI dress. Such a life saver. The tomboy in me hates that it's a dress because it's "girly", BUT it's basically the pretty equivalent to sweat pants and a tank top because it's just so comfy!

Tropical Maxi Dress

Found at Bamboo Ballroom
The ladies get HOT in this weather. So I'd rather go without a shirt than without a bra. This is a mix between a sports bra and a bralette. Made of nylon, super comfy, and seriously cute.

Image result for calvin klein bralette
Found at The Bay

Bright and fun bathing suits! Many of us love to go towards to black - it's safe and always looks good. But going back over trip photos of the past, the brightest bathing suits look the best! And now I want them all to be bright!

A flat strappy sandal is such a great summer thing. They are dressy enough to still wear to work but still comfortable enough to wear to work all day. They can be dressed down with shorts or dressed up with a maxi.

Image result for Strappy Flat Sandals

Found at American Eagle

Last summer it was a light grey knitted sweater that was sort of mesh. This year, it's a royal blue mesh sweater from Bench. I can have long sleeves but still stay cool. Obsessed with this top!

Found at Bench