4 Things I Can't Stop Wearing

Friday, July 7, 2017

It's my turn to let you all know the pieces I just can't stop wearing. What we call the beauty uniform, mine isn't so much beauty as it is comfort. Here are my go to pieces. 

Plaid Shirt
I got these shirts from Costco and I wish I had bought all of the colours they are so comfy and on trend AND versatile with the ever changing wear here in Alberta I can wear it as a jacket when its windy and cool out or tie it around my waist when its warm out. 

These shoes are so comfy yes you have to wear them without socks but I love them I can walk for ever and ever in them without my feet hurting. 

yes, yes I know these are terrible but they are so comfy and at the moment I hate jeans, my comfiest pair ripped and I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement. If you can find a pair of leggings which aren't see through you are golden, plus I only wear black does that make it more acceptable?

A staple you need to have is a good purse, I found this gem while shopping at Winners. I was there to buy a gift for my niece when I saw this and had to have it. This Steven Madden purse is perfect for big boobs, with its wide guitar inspired strap no more weird creasing and the size is perfect to carry all the essentials and more. I had given up on purses until I found this one. 

What are your go to items?