Three Timeless Piece Every Woman Should Own

Thursday, July 6, 2017

If you are anything like us, you have an overfilled closet full of clothes. Some you have never worn, some that never fit quite right but you liked it and had to get it, and things you wear on repeat. (Hello my favorite worn out t-shirt and jeans that have giant hole in it!).  
Cleaning out my closet this weekend got me thinking about what is one must have thing everyone needs. So three of us came up with one thing that everyone needs, you know that one key piece that will never go out of style or lose their street-chic appeal. Funny enough, Zahra and Amy followed similar thinking:
Zahra: A good quality coat, if you live in Canada then you need one for every season.
Amy: A leather jacket. I absolutely adore my Bano leather jacket. And leather never goes out of style.
Nermisa: A little black dress. Finding a perfect little black dress can be a challenge however, once you find the right fit, it will be the dress you can wear to any event. Pair it with a blazer for work, add a belt or a necklace to change it up, accessorize with a pop of color and you can keep wearing the dress as many times as you want.
What is one timeless piece every woman should own? We would love to hear from you?