5 Shows I'm Currently Obsessed With

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

So it may seem like I just did a post on this, and I did but that was back in March you can check out the post here. It feels like that was so long ago, mostly because I have either finished the shows I was watching or I got bored of them. Here are my current obsessions.

Queen of the South- Love this show, if you liked Narcos or El Chapo you will love this show. I especially like it because it shows you the drug trade from a different perspective, that of someone on the outside getting in. It's also from a woman's perspective which is nice and refreshing.

Younger- I found this gem a few weeks ago. Much to my delight it's in it's 4th season so I have plenty to catch up on and it's been picked up for a 5th season as well. A woman in her 40s who is newly divorced and having to get back into the work of publishing finds that it's a young woman's game and lies about her age to get a job. She's a 40 year old, pretending to be a 26 year old. It's interesting to watch this woman navigate life, yes the age gap is quite significant so you can imagine a lot of cultural references are quite different. You can catch this show on TV Land.

Snatch- This show is based on Director Guy Rtichie's movie of the same name. I loved the movie so I had to watch the series and also Rupert Grint is in this and Ed Westwick is in a few episodes as well. I loved this show, so much so that I binged watched it. 

Big Brother 19 (US)- Okay so I had to throw in a reality show, but this isn't just any show I mean people are competing for money it's insane and this season is soooo good. It's theme this year is Summer of Temptation this new twist has already added more madness to the game.

GLOW- The story of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. I loved this show, so much so that I also binged watched this. It's on Netflix so feel free to binge away! I honestly can't even describe the show to you, just go watch it.

What shows are you currently obsessed with? What should we be watching?