Reading Playlist

Friday, January 5, 2018

Aaaah music, the gateway to the soul. For some of us at least. Reading is also healing for the soul. Some people like to multitask - read and watch TV, watch TV and clean, read and listen to music. I can't read and watch TV - I get caught up in the book so intensely that nothing on the TV would be taken in. Music can be touch and go while reading. Music wins over books for me - usually. I've learned that as long as there's no lyrics, I can crank the tunes as loud as possible and still stay focused on my book. 

Here's a great playlist of tunes that don't distract (as much) from reading, while still having the pleasure of absorbing some fantastic songs. 

Canon in D:  Josh Vietti
Symphony of Shadows:  Cello Fury
Take Me to Church: Simply Three
Romance: Young Mozart
We Found Love: 2Cellos
Gavi's Song: Lindsey Stirling
Cry Me a River: Eklipse
Lose Yourself: David Garrett
Somebody That I Used to Know: Bryson Andres
Sweet Child O' Mine: Dallas String Quartet