What Did You Learn In 2017?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 was a trying year for many, and a challenging but very interesting year for me. I learned so much thought-out the year.  I traveled a lot, ticked few things off my bucket list, read more and learned how to make pasta. Looking back, while sitting at a jam packed bar for New Years Eve, I asked myself what is one thing, good or bad, you will take into 2018?
I like to be in control of things, some might refer to me as a type A control freak, which I am, often. This does not mean I’m actually trying for perfection or to control of everything all the time but it does means I drive myself crazy trying to do everything in an organized way and be there for people all the time but life is mean like that and teaches you that you can't control everything. This year one of the biggest things I’ve learned was to let the fuck go. Of control. Of that nagging obligatory feeling that I have to be available all the time and there for everyone. It's scary but also liberating. I think this is one of the biggest things I am going to take to 2018.
Three other things I learned:
 Travel really does heal the soul.
I am different, and a little odd, and that’s fucken okay.
 I drink too much coffee.
So I’m wondering: What did you guys learn? I would love to hear from you.