What to Pack for a Summer European Getaway

Friday, February 16, 2018

Last summer a friend of mine took a journey to Europe, for the first time ever. While I travel a lot and can  travel for extended periods of time out of one bag (See Ghana, 4 weeks, one backpack!) we soon realized that what she packed was not the most effective. You know like realizing that bringing 4 full size body lotions and sun creams, three pairs of jeans and no comfortable flats was probably a miss. I know now, I did not prepare her for it well. (side not, we did book the trip and than left in like 2 weeks).

 If you read this post you know you can stand out as a tourist fairly fast which can be a cause for concern because of scam artist or doing things that are against the law; like walking around in a swim suit (top) with no shirt and pants you can be fined upwards of 900 euros!

So what should actually pack for a summer trip to Europe? Let me tell you, its is not 4 pairs of denim, 4 pairs of heels and one pair of flip-flops.

Beauty basics: 
All the beauty experts - give me a change to explain before you all go hatin' on me- its hot, humid and sticky so bring your go to, humidity and sun proofed make up and a good setting spray. Sun screen, moisturizers, after sun cream, good eye cream and SPF lip chap. When it comes to beauty tools, if you are traveling with a  group, divide and conquer, you do not need 4 straighteners, 3 curling wands. Be strategic about what you bring. If you can pack trail size and it will be enough, do that to save space.

What to wear: 
Basics that you can mix and match and wear in different wear are essential. You want to bring things that are comfortable but give off a chic and effortless vibe. When you start packing, pack in form of outfits. I personally try thing on, see if I can layer a maxi dress with a  top etc. There is nothing worse than getting there an luging around 5 items you never put on.  At minimum four breezy dresses, tanks and t-shirts, two pair of shorts (denim and a cotton one), three pairs of pants (yoga pants, denim, and flowy pants), two pairs comfortable flats (a pair of trainers and a chic flat), flip lops or waterproof Birks, two reliable pairs of heels (one in black and one in beige), three swim suits you can mix and match, beach cover up, sun hat/baseball cap, two pairs of sunglasses, a sweater, a scarf. 

Few other things you will want to remember like converters, a lint roller, an emergency sewing kit, a tote, a clutch and a wristlets.

What do you guys think? What do you guys pack for extended trips to Europe? 

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