Book of the Month: The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Normally I'm not into thriller type books . . . mostly because they scare me. I don't mind horror movies or gory shows - but a book gets right into my psyche. Much like this one did. 

I have a sauna in my building that I love to sit in and read while listening to music. But in the first few chapters of this book I kept thinking something creepy was going to happen whilst I tried to relax in the sauna. No relaxing happened and I promptly booked it upstairs to my condo, safe and sound.

Slaughter does a wonderful job setting the story - she manages to go back and for between points of view and the time line. The novel was actually quite a bit longer than many of my recent reads, not because I  don't enjoy longer reads, that's just how it rolled out. She managed to keep me enthralled and turning the pages with ease. Well maybe not with ease, I'm sure it was a ton of work to write this book! 

There is so much controversy going on with the school shootings in the states, and this book includes that but it isn't the only focus. I thought it was interesting the timing of the last book of the month and yet another highly publicised police shooting - as well as this book and the most recent school shooting in the states.

I didn't realize that either of these books touched on such important topics based on their title (and I rarely read the synopsis - I love to be surprised) but was happy that they did. Good on these authors!