Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging Before I Started Blogging

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blogging is all fun and games ... in theory. There are hundreds of super talented wonderful bloggers who make this look easy and effortless, and I am in awe of them. Blogging is a lot of work, and sometimes by just looking at them you wouldn't know that. When you put it to practice, its not as easy and as seamless as many bloggers make it look.

Here are few things I wish I knew before I started blogging:

Coding! There is nothing I find more frustrating than trying to change something on the blog; knowing how it all works in the background would have been so helpful (and cheaper)!

Blog social media. I started blogging and used my existing social media as the blogs social media. Once social media started gaining traction it was too late to change it.

Not using my real name. Corporate world is its own animal most of the time; I wish I started blogging under an assumed name & using someone else's.. which would probably cause me not to use my own photos.

Pictures. If you want to be a fashion blogger, you have to be comfortable in front of camera.
Speaking of pictures and photography, invest in a professional camera, get to know photographers, leverage their knowledge and learn how to edit your photos. Lightroom and I are currently on a time-out as we aren't getting along but quality photos are a huge part of blogging, so get good at it.

Privacy. Some of my favorite bloggers share an intimate and personal look into their every day lives. You have to comfortable getting up close and personal with your audience, which can be intimidating.

Niche. Establish what you want to write BEFORE you start writing. I came into this process with one idea and it has evolved into something completely different.

Blog name. Based on your niche, establish your name. Although I absolutely love my blog name, some days it doesn't 100% fit with what the blog is actually about.

Time. Give yourself A LOT of time, and I mean like years worth of time, to make your blog grow. Even though, I don't intend to blog full-time ever, if you want to make your blog a full-time job that will take tremendous amount of work and time.

Network. Being a blogger is like running a small business, who you know and how well you sell yourself is what will help you make it. Get comfortable promoting yourself, and approaching people you want to work with.

Criticism. What I should have done was read an article (or a book) about criticism and how to deal with it. People can be harsh, and most times it hurts since you are putting so much of yourself into blogging. Learn how to take all the criticism, good or bad as an opportunity to be positive and get better from it.

What do you think? Do you have any tips or tricks about blogging?

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