Five of the Most Romantic Cities in Europe for Couples

Thursday, April 12, 2018

As many of you know, Zahra got engaged last year and wedding planning has been in full swing. Her and her fiancé are heading on a European adventure that will double as their honeymoon. This got us thinking about what are some of the most romantic cities in Europe that everyone should visit. Here is the 5 we landed on, let us know what you guys think:

Paris, France
This might seem like a oblivious choice, well because its Paris. The beautiful artisanal restaurants,  intimate cafes and breathtaking architecture make for a perfect romantic holiday.

Venice, Italy
Zahra and her fiancé are actually going to Venice, so she will be able to let us know how amazing it actually was after her trip, but for now here are the reason we think Venice is one of the most romantic cities. The stunning archicture, endless canals you can take romantic rides through, amazing food and some of the most charming places to stay are what make Venice wonderful.

Santorini, Greece
 You have probably Santorini been seduced by it’s picture-perfect Santorini charm. Beautifully inviting white Cycladic houses, spectacular panoramic views and the breath taking sparkling water.

Sicily, Italy
From everything I have learned, Sicily is hard not to enjoy.  As the largest of the Italian islands, Sicily is oozing with charm, surrounded in stunning beaches, lushes mountains, warm weather and always featuring mouth-watering cuisine. The beaches in Siracusa, Sicily, Italy. The jaw-dropping coastline of the coastal strip of Syracuse has some of the most beautiful beaches that can be found on the island, with long white sandy shorelines and magic of the crystal blue waters, it’s a must see.

Budapest, Hungary 
Budapest is steeped in history, and sights are truly impressive. The weather is warm, food is delicious and the wine is AMAZING. Hungary’s other regions can be visited on a day trip from Budapest. For example, Lake Balaton is only about an hour’s drive south of the capital. You can visit wine regions, small villages, castles, parks, and other attractions while maintaining a base in the capital city.

What do you guys think?