Must Read Summer Books + #Giveaway

Friday, June 15, 2018

I don't know about you, but there is something about summer vacation that usually means I need a few new books to bring along and read. I seem to read more in 3 weeks on holidays than in couple of months leading up to my vacation. Summer books need to be light, easy to read, captivating  and intriguing - there is nothing worse than picking up a complicated book to read while chilling on the beach. I once tried to read a memoir while on a beach - I think I read the same page 5 times before I gave up and move on to the next book.

Here are some books that (we think) are great Summer reads:

I absolutely fell in love with this book – yes it's written for young adults but that might be what made it such a great beach read. I brought first two book in the series on my last vacation and didn’t want to put them down.

This was the ever first book I got on audible. I love podcasts but I wasn't sure if audio books were for me, and to my surprise I absolutely love it. This is a self help book but not like others I have read. Its funny, clever and easy to read (or listen)

The Lunar Chronicles is a series of books, where each book entails a new take on an old fairy tale, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White. The story takes place in a futuristic world where earthens, cyborgs, androids, and a race of moon colonists all coexist. I absolutely loved it - I think I powered through the first book in matter of a day.

Amy mentioned this series couple of time, and with 13 books it is a very good book series. You can read each book as a standalone but suggest you read from the first book and on. I especially love the little chapter title quotes. The characters are very comical and heroic. Every book is a page turner.

I loved every part of this book. I powered through it in two days. I thought this book would be light, and in some ways, it is, but some things hit me right in the feels. This might not be for everyone, but I found it heartwarming.

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  1. My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables.

  2. My favourite book is The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck

  3. My favorite book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

  4. My favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.