Easy Ways to Decorate For Halloween

Friday, October 5, 2018

Personally I could take or leave Halloween. I love candy, dressing up and decorating - what I don't love is that in YEG Halloween means count down to winter. Crystal however couldn't wait for October 1st so she can start all things Halloween (She wasn't allowed to decorate our branch until it was officially Oct!). I rounded few easy and inexpensive ways to decorate this Halloween.

Spider Web Balloons.
Idea from here. Our entire project cost less than $9.75 and made 30+ balloons.

You will need black construction paper, googlie eyes (we bough them at the dollar store) and scissors. Cut desired shape and you are good to go. Entire project $2.75

This beautiful porch display was made by my friend Steph. you will need a welcome sign. a plaid table cloth, bunch of pumpkins and orange and yellow flowers.

Pumpkin ice bucket. 
Idea from this blog.  Entire project $9.75

Tree or Pumpkin Wreath. 
This one was made by Steph who is very talented. Entire project $20. For rest of us less talented, check this post out.

Black Plants.
(image from here)
For this project you can use actual plant (learn how to grow black plants here) or plastic, black spray paint and glitter. This might not be your traditional Halloween d├ęcor but I think its chic. You can pick up plastic plants and spray paint at your local dollar store. Spray, wait till dried and style. Entire project $7.75

What do you guys think? Do you decorate for Halloween?


  1. The pumpkin wreath is so pretty! Such a good idea too that's not messy and not too difficult to put up and take down :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode