Holiday season is coming! Few easy ways to prep now for your holiday budget

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Did you know that on average consumers in Canada and USA spend a $1000 more on gifts than they budgeted for? That's a $1000 on average in debt! Planning for the holiday season is what can save you a ton of money. 
Here are few way to prep and be more equipped for the holiday season:

Make a holiday budget.
Yes, we might be T-80 days to Christmas but you need a game plan, and that game plans is called a budget. What can actually afford to spend? How much can you save in next 80 days? You can do a paper budget or get an app. I opened a separate account for my holidays shopping. So what I saved goes in there and this is how much I have to spend.

Make a list (and check it twice).
Sooner you have a list of people you have to buy for, sooner you can start looking. If you make a list and get an idea of what you wan you can research so you can make sure you are getting the best price.

Make gifts.
Hand made gifts, and gifts from the heart go a long way. Anything from making albums, emergency beauty kit, candles or bath bombs Pinterest is filled with inexpensive but great DIY gift ideas. 

Take inventory.
Holidays are about more (and cost more) than just buying gifts - there are decorations, plate settings, trees, lights, wrapping paper etc. you need. Take inventory of all things you have. Go though your house, garage, attic or where else you keep all the things. You might be shocked how many things you actually have. You might also stumble upon gifts you got but didn't use or open. Re-gifting might be taboo but just because you didn't use that salad bowl or picture frames doesn't mean there isn't someone you can gift it to.

How do you plan for the Holiday season? we would love to hear your tips.