OOTD - Cold Shoulder and Real Talk

Monday, April 8, 2019

Edmonton weather has been all over the place - so dressing for the weather has been hard. I paired this dress with over the knee boots because it was rather cold today. I finished the look with my favourite Bano eeMee leather jacket. I love the style of this dress - it comfortable and the cold shoulder cut outs are a fun detail

Now, onto some real talk. I have always been a bigger, fully figured women. I love having curves, and a butt - my stomach I could afford to lose but meh. My relation with food is well evident, and healthy food isn't for me. I have never once been able to stick to a diet, and I am too lazy to get to the gym consistently. For better or for worse my weight has never bothered me, until recently; I have gotten a lot of backlash/comments about my weight.  I knew what I signed up for when I decided to be a blogger - my life on display and open to critics. Being told that on one side I'm too big to be "a regular/skinny" blogger; and on the other I'm on the smaller side to be considered big so I can't possibly be a body positive blogger is so frustrating.  Not that this is anyone business, but this is who I am- size shouldn't matter - if it does to you, the internet is a giant place and if you don't like what I am wearing or think I'm too fat/skinny/overweight/regular, please move on. Love, Nermisa

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dress: Nordstrom Rack
boots: Steve Madden
purse: Chanel
jacket: Bano eeMee