#Review: Nirvana Weighted Blanket

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I have so many thoughts on this blanket, so let's get started. I have wanted a weighted blanket for so long. After reading an article and figuring out that I had anxiety, and not just feeling "weird" sometimes. I looked for things to help me with my anxiety. I tried watching ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos on Youtube, which did not work for me, more on that in another post. Anyway, long story short I tried a lot of things that helped a little but what I ran across constantly to help anxiety was weighted blankets. I added it to my wish list for wedding gifts and at the time I kept coming across the Nirvana blanket which had great reviews so I added that specifically to the list to make it easier for people. I ended up getting it as a gift and I was super excited to try it out. 
The packaging was nice, I forgot to take pictures my bad. It's a nice light grey, we got the bamboo one because my mother in law knows we like to be cool while we sleep and the website said the bamboo one has cooling benefits. The dimensions on the website say 58" x 80"  to give you context a Queen size bed is 60" x 80". It comes in 15, 20, and 25 pounds you choose your ideal weight depending on your body weight. You can usually find a deal for free shipping and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Okay enough about the description onto my thoughts on this.
First off, the blanket is not wide or long enough to cover both me and my husband. We do share it but we have to use the widest part across the bed to cover both of us so our legs aren't covered by the blanket.
Second, the blanket is really warm I don't find the cooling technology works for us. You can remove what they call the magic bands and put them in the microwave to heat them and freezer to cool them. It does say that the cooling technology works without putting the bags in the freezer though. I have not tried putting them in the freezer yet, but may try it as it warms up more outside.
Third, the way they advertise the blanket is so misleading, they finally changed the banner picture on Facebook. I'm assuming it was after my back and forth with them on there. It was only after getting the blanket that I started seeing more and more negative reviews on the blanket and Nirvana's customer service, or lack there of. Their response to my review saying it's terrible for couples was to let me know their FAQs say maximum benefit is for one person, which is great but who reads the FAQs? Based on the picture above and below I assumed it could be used by couples, am I wrong or is that not misleading if that's their response.

All throughout their website they have pictures of couples using the blanket, not to keep going on and on about this but their response irked me to say the least and has now made me really dislike this brand more.
My thoughts definitely get a weighted blanket, as I do think it helps with anxiety,  just don't buy one from Nirvana especially if you want to share it with your partner. My suggestion is DreamHug, they actually have a blanket specifically for couples and it says king size. This is not sponsored by DreamHug in any way I just wish I had found their site sooner so I could try out their blanket instead. I know I got mine as a gift but I am not willing to shell out $319 on another weighted blanket when I already have one, a girls gotta eat.
What are your thoughts on weighted blankets? Have you tried Nirvana, do you like them? What brand do you suggest?

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  1. Actually I have the Nirvana weighted blanket and absolutely LOVE it! Yes it is not large enough for two people.... If you distribute the 20 lbs over a larger area, each person would not benefit from the amount of weight needed per pound of body weight. And if you made the weighted blanket so that each person in the couple got 20 lbs around their body the blanket would weigh 40 lbs. The best way to use the blanket is to cocoon yourself in the blanket which you cannot do when sharing. Sorry you didnt like the blanket. I tried a number of them and I dont like getting overheated and the NIrvana with the bamboo cover maintains body temp perfectly. BEST BLANKET EVER!!!! Bought one for each of my family members