How I Keep My House Guest Ready

Thursday, June 20, 2019

When El and I first started talking about living together one of the things we agreed on almost instantly is to have our house always be 10 minutes or less to guest ready; well that and that we will always  have a supply of vegetables and wine.
Now that I'm on my own this is something I swear by. 

I strongly believe that you need to do a big clean, declutter, and organize and then just maintain your home so its guest ready. Saying that, I know how overwhelming even thinking about where to start is and finding the time to get through everything is. Starting with one room, dedicating a set amount of time does help to actually make an impact.  You have to be determined, dedicated and there is no dilly dallying!(ex: me playing with things I found instead of cleaning.)  If your home is in need of a de-clutter, this is not the post for you – maybe check out these posts  challenged myself to get more organized before I moved  or watch Marie Kundo and accept her ways of greatness to get the job done.
Having your home is 10-20 minutes away from guest ready is assuming you have already taken care of the basic decluttering. Less stuff means it is easier to clean, it’s just that simple. Here is detailed to-do list for a neat and tidy home, you'll have an orderly house ready for guests in 10 minutes or less.
You can use the list 2 ways - daily or dedicate a day a week to do this. I feel that taking 10 to 30 minutes daily is much easier than having to commit half a Sunday to chores but to each their own.

I always leave one day when I don't have do cleaning but that's just me. Places like garage, patio and dinning room aren't listed separately. however if you get in habit of a 10 minute clean you will soon create enough time to switch it up to do your patio or a garage. (For example, my guest room gets dusted, vacuumed and I wipe the floors but since its not used, I this day to tidy my garage or balcony or rooms)

What do you think? How do you keep your house organized and guest ready?
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