3 Must See Locations In Oz

Friday, September 13, 2019

If you are travelling to Australia any time soon, the chances are that you’re going for an extended trip. Travelling that far across the world to spend a couple of days exploring such an incredible destination makes no sense. To make it worth your while, you need at least a fortnight to explore the natural outback, the cosmopolitan cities and the unique wildlife. The Australian people are friendly and welcoming, and adore showing off their nation to tourists. You might want to explore the bright lights of the Sydney Opera House, the foodie streets of Melbourne and the wonderful golden sands of Byron Bay. However, the land of Oz is so much more than these tourist highlights. Take a look at these three must see locations in Australia.

Lesser Known Islands
While everyone knows about Tasmania, there are a few more lesser known islands surrounding the large Australian land mass. If you adore spending time on the beach, why not head off on one of the Fraser Free tours to explore the largest sand island in the world. To escape the crowds, the rugged yet beautiful Fraser island can be the perfect place to spend some time relaxing and exploring the natural wilderness. You could check out the Champagne pools, the clear waters of Eli Creek and the odd shipwreck or two adorning the beaches of the small island. The azure waters and white sand beaches are like something out of a glossy travel magazine. If you want to experience paradise, Fraser island is where it’s at.

The Grampians
Mountain climbing might not be the sort of activity that you think of when you envisage a trip to Australia. Throwing a shrimp on the barbecue, enjoying the sun’s rays and watching a spot of Australian cricket might be more apt. However the Grampians are the perfect vista for those who love a more physical activity on vacation. Just three hours west of Melbourne, the grampians are well set up for tourists. With numerous walking paths catering for all difficulty levels, you could spend a few hours strolling through the range spotting an abundance of Australian wildlife. If you fancy taking part in a climb, there are lots of guides willing to take you up the sandstone mountains. The views are ridiculous and you could be on top of the world.

Kangaroo Island
If you are venturing down south, you cannot head home without venturing to Kangaroo Island. Full of these marsupials, this island is rich with wildlife. There are visitor restrictions on the island and rightly so. The wildlife here is protected by the Australian government and only a set amount of tourists are allowed to visit each day. The best way to get on the island is to go with an official 4X4 tour company. You can hotfoot it into a jeep before whizzing around the island to take in the views, the rugged cliff, and of course, the hundreds of kangaroos hopping around.

I don't know about you but many people yearn to take a trip to Australia, me being one of them. We want to experience the outback, the wildlife and the vistas. Follow this guide and find some off the beaten track areas to escape the tourist crowds.
Have you been to Australia? What are some of your favorite places to visit?