How I’m Planning For All My Holiday Shopping

Friday, September 6, 2019

Yes,  I am fully aware its only September, but hear me out: wouldn't be great to be ready for this Holiday season and go through it stress free? While I am fully aware that I'm breaking some kind of rule by doing this post before Halloween but if Halloween is a big thing for you, no better time than to prepare for both Holidays that are bound to cost you a lot of money, so there is no better time to start planning now to make sure you can have the best and most enjoyable holiday season.

Here is how I'm planning ahead for this Holiday shopping season:

Making a list of people and ideas of things to get them is the easiest way to make sure you don't have to break the bank and stress out trying to find things last minute. I use the notes section of my iphone and add ideas through the year but sitting down coming up with a list is essential. A goal without a plan is just a wish, so is just a list without a budget; you are not setting you up for success so once you have your people and your list of items, set a budget.

Now that you know what you are looking for start looking for sales. Set sale alerts on website that sell those items and do research. The best part of starting early you have time on your side – not only are you not competing with everyone's sales or waiting lists – you can wait till item is available. If your items are costly you have enough time to make a payment plan and have it fully paid off by Christmas.

Being bale to spoil your loved ones, decorate your home how you want to, or get away during the holiday seasons all requires planning. If you read this post you know that budgets are essential but so is savings for these things. Each year, after I make a list I start a monthly saving plan that goes specifically towards my holiday shopping.

Few other things to keep in mind and try in order to breeze though this holiday season:

Do a no spend/financial cleanse month - go a month without spending any money other than essentials. No coffees, dinners, parties, clothes etc.

Skip/Pause monthly subscriptions - I know its like only $9.99 for Apple music and only $10.99 for Netflix, and only 29.99 for your FabFitFUn and only $5.99 for your magazine but all these ONLY few dollars here and there add up. Put a stop to those for month or two.

Skip/pause gym and yoga - I understand that fitness is good and necessary for many people but exercise at home, watch and do you tube yoga or get outside - that 100 or more will make  huge difference.

What are some ways you are making sure you are prepared for the Holiday season?