Thursday, September 5, 2019

Shampoo Brush- I kept seeing ads on this on Instagram and thought, okay how is this helpful but it really is. I don't have to use a clarifying shampoo as much because this brush helps get all the product off my scalp and my hair has never been better. You can get a cheap one off Amazon. 


The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2%- So many celebraties use this product and since the price is so reasonable I had to try it out. It is amazing, my skin feels so soft and the blemishes I have are gone.

Matriarch Perfumery – if you remember this post you know that we were checking out some new fragrances. Matriarch Perfumery is part of the natural fragrance movement and these scents are light and fresh.

Riversol SPF 30 Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen – yes summer might be over but that does not mean you can stop protecting your skin from damaging rays. I absolutely love this product. It goes on light, non greasy and I love that’s it’s lightly tinted as well which is great for those days you just want something to even your skin out. You can use the code LALALAND for 15% off.Click here

NENA is a natural skincare made with sustainably harvested and clinically proven Glacial Oceanic Clay from a pristine source in Northern British Columbia. Rich in over 60 minerals and botanical extracts, it helps cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin.
We tried the cleansing cream and the mask and we love them.

The mask – has a fairly thin consistency (remember to shake the product well before you use it) and dries in about 10 minutes or less. It is easy to wash off (not clumpy, like the some other clay masks) and my skim immediately looked better. It makes my skin smoother and bright, especially after spending time outside.

The wash - I love that this cleanser goes on easily, is fragrance free, and doesn't dry out my skin or make it oil. I could see a difference after the very first use, my pores had shrunk (especially on my nose), my skin was glowing and my face felt overall very clean and balanced.

What are you using this month? What should I try for next month?