Finding Balance in Food and Exercise

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Each new year I make a resolution to go to the gym, diet, lose weight or eat healthy. Each year I have done this, each year I have failed. Miserably failed. 

Back in November, after going to one of Bosnian concerts where there was a lot of dancing, I was so exhausted and sat for better part of the night. It hit me fast and hard - I couldn't keep up doing one of my favorite things, dancing.  I sit all day at work and tend to overindulge when it comes to food. What do you mean eating and entire pizza in one sitting is bad for you? Finding time to hit the gym always seems impossible, and if I am being honest I would rather spend my time doing anything... including cleaning or homework; and because of my (un)healthy love for food I have never been able to stick/maintain any sort of diet.

So I decided to take a different approach and get back to a healthier me - and it make all the difference. 

I am a strong believer that writing down a goal is a necessary start - but even more importantly is adding a plan to it.  As that saying goes "A goal without a plan is just a wish", so I wrote down my goal, put it up in my closet to serve as a daily reminder and made a plan.

My goal doesn't have a weight, number, calories or size attached to it. My goal is to be able to walk up the stairs at Capilano and not be out of breath; my goal is to be able to dance away the night without feeling like my chest is hurting and I cant catch my breath; my goal is drink more water and eat more veggies because its actually what my body needs.

Visual affirmation/reminder - call it what you will - is one of the things that has made a ton of difference in the last month. I generally write down my goals and usually have some kind of plan but after two three weeks its out of sight out of mind and I fall off and revert back to old habits.

The other thing I m doing different is to do everything in moderation. I tend to go all in but cant sustain and fail hard. So when it comes to exercising - have at least 150 active minutes a week. Easy peasy right? Its not "must go running 3 times and do weights 5 times". When it comes to food - my plan was to still allow myself indulgences but I get to choose one. For example: If I had a grande caramel mochiatto I know that my lunch and dinner should be healthy. If I am out for dinner and have a choice of wine, pasta and garlic bread and dessert, choose one; not all 4 as I have in previous years. 

How are you approaching health and fitness differently in 2020?