2019 Beauty Round Up

Friday, January 3, 2020

Ahhh! Can you believe it, it's 2020. I don't know about you but for me 2019 flew by, not necessarily in a good way but most of it was good. Since we are in a New Year I thought I would share my favourite products I found in 2019 that I continue to re-purchase or use religiously. 

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner- I still love this product I can clean my brushes and dry them within minutes. That means I can use them right away which means I actually clean my brushes once a month vs. once a year. Yup totally gross but very true. 

Shampoo Brush- I love using this product, I did find that using it daily produced too much oil on my scalp so I use it once a week to deep clean. My husband uses it everyday and he loves it. He works in a shop so having a brush to scrub his scalp and beard clean has really helped. 

NYX Lip Primer- This stuff is a must if you use liquid lipstick or any lip product that dries out your lips. I use it under my Tarte liquid lipstick and my NYX soft matte lip cream both products dry and do not come off with eating or drinking and using the lip primer doesn't prevent it from drying, and your lips stay nice. 

Erase Your Face- I have been trying to be more environmentally friendly so when I saw this I had to try it. I love it, it's so easy to remove my makeup. I no longer use disposable wipes I just wet the cloth and run it over my face you can use it for about a week before you need to wash it, but wash and reuse as you wish. For me it took a few washes for it to work on taking my mascara off but now it works great. 
Riversol-Riversol products have been a game changer for us. Riversol skincare is created in Vancouver and they focus on solving sensitive skin needs. Dr. Jason Rivers created Riversol after more than 20 years of clinical dermatology to offer a safe, anti-aging solution for his patients with sensitive skin.