Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa

Friday, March 27, 2020

Last month, I had an opportunity to get out to Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa with my parents and let me tell you - this was a Spa experience like no other. The resort is set on the beach overlooking Lake Manitou, and this tranquil spa resort is a great place to get away, especially during the winter months.
The spa is comprised of 3 indoor heated pools  - that are filled with minerals and rumored to have healing qualities. All the minerals and composition of the pools make the water green (like really green!). The pool mineral concentration of the Manitou Springs Mineral Spa are so unique that you cannot sink - they are created with one thing in mind, for you to float your stress and worries away. There are three pools ranging from cold, warm and hot - but don't worry the "cold" pool is set to balmy 34C (93F).
The routine is (well at least ours was) cold - warm - hot - rest - and repeat. That might sound like the motto of another Spa but we found that to be the best way for ultimate relaxation. All around the pools are surrounded by chairs and loungers, and have lifeguards.
The resort itself has hotel rooms, cabin style rooms, and rooms with kitchenettes - all at different levels - from basic to something a little more fancy. We originally booked a kitchenette, one bedroom suit but decided to switch to a regular guest room. In my opinion, especially if you are staying during dead of winter (like -29 to -39 like we were) I would recommend the hotel so you don't have to leave or be outside at any point. Plus the internet connection is much better in the main hotel. (not that you need that but if you are there for work and your laptop is your life line, it makes all the difference). The staff was really nice and accommodating and the hotel was clean.
The hotel offers breakfast and it was pretty good. There is a restaurant and a cafe inside the hotel so you don't have to travel far. We had lunch at the cafe daily and all the food we tried was delicious - and they have the best icecream ever! The restaurant is fabulous - friendly waiters and waitresses, food was delicious and its priced well.
During the summer there is few other places that looked interesting and with delicious menus but because we were there mid January those were not open.
I took TON of photos as one does - so here is few more shots: 

Have you been to Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa?
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